Sunday, 20 January 2008

Brandenburg International is taking shape

Although not due for take-off until 2011, a steady flow of images and architectural drawings are flowing out of the offices of Berlin Brandenburg International (BBI). The overdue replacement for Berlin-Schönefeld BBI will replace the three airports currently serving the German capital. As you can see from the image to the left, the development promises some fantastically futuristic architecture, such as the
Infotower, which is already under construction.

Berlin clearly needs a world-class airport, but in gaining BBI, it will perhaps lose one of the world's most historic and interesting. It's worth recalling the architectural grandeur of Tempelhof, scene of the Berlin airlift, a beautiful little airport that remains operational to this day (but only just).


Jimmi said...

Nice initiative.. I love airports as well. But how can you not have CPH (Copenhagen) as part of the recently finished poll?

The terminalator said...

Jimmi, if you want to write us a short user guide for CPH, i'd only be too happy to feature it.

send to terminaladdiction AT gmail DOT com

Jimmi said...

What does such a user guide contain?